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Satin Laser Spa

During these challenging times, some of the businesses that are undoubtably feeling the harshest effects of the mandatory shut downs are the businesses that only just recently opened.

We all know that it takes time to get established in any community, but many of these businesses are not being given much of a chance.

We spoke with Tammy, owner of Satin Laser Spa, who opened her store front within the last three months. Until now, Tammy has been operating Satin Laser Spa out of Port Moody. With the intention of opening a downtown location in Mission, she recently invested a lot of money in to necessary and costly renovations, design and decorating.

Almost as soon as her doors opened, much to her dismay, they were forced closed.

Satin Laser is a spa which provides a host of medical aesthetic services ranging from laser hair removal to non-surgical facelifts, breast lifts, tattoo removal, electrolysis and more - all intended to transform you in to an even more beautiful you.

On March 21st, British Columbia's provincial health officer ordered all salaams, spas and tattoo parlours to close in the latest measure aimed at curbing then spread of COVID-19. Following this announcement, Tammy’s revenue went from 100% to 0.

Working from home now, with no service income, Tammy is concentrating on catching up on paperwork, but is feeling the effects as bills continue to roll in.

Placing emphasis on Elegance, her locally made MD clinical skin care line, she is trying to continue her business with the sales of online products and gift certificates to be redeemed at a later date, when business is back up and running.

As a team of one, Tammy is now wearing many hats, and doing her best to survive in unchartered territory. She knows that this is a difficult time for the entire community, but is determined to remain positive..

“We are all in this together,” she says. “With the support of our community and our government, I see us all going forward together. Use the resources made available to you and know that your neighbours are there to help.”

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