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Renewal Counselling

Our Mission: To promote and hold a space where each individual has the opportunity to be Happy, Healthy & Whole!

INDIVIDUALS - Renewal offers counselling services to support youth and adults who struggle with their mental and emotional health, trauma, life changes, all types of addiction, spirituality, identity, and men's concerns.

FAMILY - Renewal understands that sometimes family can be pretty messed up! We want to be there to support families as they navigate the challenge of communication, boundaries, historical hurts, unhealthy patterns of behaviour, and dysfunctional generational systems that often prevent families from functioning at their best.

RELATIONSHIPS - Because most of our hurts come thru relationships... so will our healing. Relationships are foundational to life. As such, we endeavour to help our clients find ways to do relationships well. We know that this begins with our relationship with ourselves and extends to each and every relationship we find ourselves a part of.

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