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Father's Day

When Happy Daddy day rolls around, 

The place for gifts are found downtown.


Whether searching for antiques or the latest fads, Downtown has loads of stuff for dads!

Are you looking for something with fashion or flavour? Perhaps a wallet, a shaving kit, an electric shaver.


A chain, a ring, a vintage watch. A plant, a poster, a bottle of scotch.

Suits and sweaters, bows and ties. A sandwich, some sushi, a side of fries.


Home decor, clocks and rocks. Soap on a rope, a pair of socks.

Mugs and rugs, candy and jewels. Pizza pie, pad thai, tires and tools.


Video games, comic books, a BBQ. Maybe Dad needs a pedicures too.

Trim his beard, cut his hair. Sandals and slippers, shoe repair.


Boats and bats and fishing gear. A brand new Jeep, a case of beer.

iPads, iPods, phones and bikes. Loads of things downtown dad’s would like!


Downtown Mission has so much to explore. You’re bound to find what you’re searching for!

All of us downtown would like to say,

A very Happy Father’s Day!

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