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Our Team

Karley Holley

Executive Director

Karley joined the Mission Downtown Business Association in March 2023. She brings to the table a passion for small local business and a wealth of experience in administration, event planning, marketing, and networking. Karley loves Mission's small-town community and is excited to make a difference. She is eager to serve the people and businesses of Mission in this role.

Tony Carter

Downtown Beautification Coordinator

One of our Downtown staples, and a tremendous asset, is Tony. You'll probably see him wandering up and down the streets assisting with our daily beautification! Give this young man a round of applause for all his hard work.

Landis Green

Downtown Beautification Coordinator

Another one of our most valuable employees is Landis. Always with a smile on her face and the willingness to go out of her way to lend a helping hand, Landis is always there when things need a little bit of extra attention. Thank you to Landis for all her hard work.

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