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Community Futures is Taking Care of Business!

Spring is in the air! It’s the perfect time to freshen up your business skills with our online business program, Taking Care of Business! Inside your membership you will also find the DREAI initiative, funded by the Government of Canada through Pacific Economic Development Canada. Here are four ways to plant the seeds to help your business GROW!

  1. Do you have a specific challenge you need support from a Business Specialist with – receive up to 10 hours through the Consulting Services.

  2. Want to uplevel your skills or business specific training for yourself or your team? Receive up to $5000 in a reimbursable Training Grant for eligible costs related to your ongoing or developing business needs. (To date, over $200,000 has been awarded to eligible businesses!)

  3. Need ongoing support and accountability? Sign up for an industry-specific Peer Mentoring group to discuss strategies + solutions, facilitated by a business specialist.

  4. And…don’t forget to check out these great Workshops you or your staff can sign up for free - or have a look and register for any that interest you (replay link will be available for any you cannot attend live)

The HR Accelerator is a three-month hybrid mastermind coaching program designed to help you maximize the human potential in your business! We will help you complete a health check on your HR practices while at the same time educate you on the legislation governing employers, activities that create a motivating work environment, and ideas on how to take your organizational culture to the next level!

Examine digital business branding development and digital marketing methods while discussing business plans, mission statements, and the value of storytelling - learn who your target market is and how to build out a comprehensive “elevator pitch” that communicates your small business marketing story for that intended digital target market.

To find out how you can receive sponsorship to the DREAI program to get FREE access to these resources, contact Heidi Hill, the Program Ambassador:

How Else Can We Support Your Business At Community Futures North Fraser ?

Community Futures we actively work with community and business leaders in BC to support small business development, foster rural economic growth and are partners in building vibrant and sustainable communities by providing:

  • Flexible and affordable small business loans

  • Business coaching/training services, and

  • Business management tools to start, expand, franchise, or sell a business

Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you! Growing communities one idea at a time.

Tel: 604-826-6252 Fax: 604-826-0052

33163 2nd Ave, Mission, BC V2V 6T8

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