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Jag Cheema - Royal le Page Wheeler Cheam

Anyone who has spent any amount of time downtown Mission, has probably passed the Royal le Page office. Inside works one of our hardest working realtors, Jag Cheema. As one of the only local development consultant broker/realtor in Mission, he’s not only passionate about his position but is the realtor/development land specialist for the District of Mission.

Cheema has been in the Real Estate business for 8 years now and entered in to the profession with a strong background in sales. When Royal le Page announced that they were closing down their Mission location, Jag stepped in and kept it alive with a lot of hard work, dedication and an eagerness to succeed. Succeed, he did. As a lifetime local of Mission and a graduate of Mission Secondary, Jag can claim a connection to the community, as well as expertise in the local market.

“I’ve always been interested in real estate,” Jag boasts. “I bought my first project when I was only 20 years old.”

Much buzz has been about town in regards to the potential boom our little community may experience soon in regards to development. We sat down with Jag Cheema today and he confirmed that the rumours are true.

“Downtown Mission will undeniably reshape,” Jag explains.

As disappointing as this may seem to some of us that enjoy the historical aspects of our downtown, it’s also an exciting time for our community. When we consider the reason why people are suddenly wanting to move to Mission, we all know that our affordability plays a major part in anyone’s decision to relocate.

“It’s not just the high costing in the cities that are driving people in to the Fraser Valley,” Jag clarifies. “Nature plays an integral part in attracting potential residents as well. Mission has so much open land, trails and parks... it’s no wonder people are captivated with it.”

Another pressing subject on everyone’s mind is the issue of parking. With so much new development and construction coming in to town, surely additional parking will have to be taken in to consideration.

“Parking is definitely a setback for businesses wanting to come to town.” Jag nods his head in agreement. “It’s difficult for employees as well. We are confident that the development plans have taken this in to consideration.

On a brighter note, latest statistics show that people like to walk. The world is changing, and more and more folks are going green.

Mission - we are about to undergo a major change and we have to be ready for it.

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