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Join our DBA Board of Directors and make a difference in your community!

You may have been asked to do this before, you may have served on other boards, or this may be your first-time volunteering for something like this - either way - we’re going to break down what the Board of Directors does for the Mission DBA, and what would be expected of you if you were to sign up to join!


Mission’s DBA is a non-profit organization that represents all the landowners and business members within a geographic area, defined by the City of Mission Bylaw that establishes the Business Improvement Area over which the DBA oversees.  The City’s bylaw allows the DBA to collect a levy (taxes) based on property value, and using those funds, delivers on the vision for the organization: leading a thriving, vibrant, and unique downtown community.


To lead the organization, we have a board of directors. Their job is typical of a board: get elected at an AGM (Annual General Meeting), then serve for two years, attend monthly meetings, and help in areas you have special expertise.


The Board’s job is to oversee the organization, help to ensure it is achieving the vision and goals, and ensure the Executive Director is doing their job within the parameters set by the board. The board is also responsible for ensuring that the organization is financially stable and sustainable. This includes monitoring the organization's finances, approving the annual budget, overseeing the execution of the strategic plan and business development efforts.


As a Board Member, you are expected to attend the monthly meetings but also bring your passion and ideas to the table.  And if your ideas get support at the board table, then you have the entire power of the organization behind you to bring them to life. Have an idea for public art?  Join the board and help us on our Events and Marketing Committee where we can set a budget, and work to bring colour to downtown!  Concerned about parking?  Join the board and attend the Safety & Security Committee meetings to have a say on how we work to resolve parking challenges downtown (in conjunction with the City of Mission, we have two Council members on our Board who are big advocates!).


The organization needs leadership and that is where there are a few elevated Board positions.  Namely – the President, Vice President and Treasurer.  We also have room for a Secretary too - but these roles are more experienced positions and are something you grow into. You need to serve for a term first before you can become the President for example.


The time commitment for serving on a non-profit board of directors can vary depending on the role of the board member. Each Board member elected serves for a 2-year term. Here are some general time expectations:


  • Meetings: Board members are expected to attend board meetings which occur once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm at Mission Community Skills Center downtown, for one hour.  Each Board member must attend a minimum of 10 meetings per year total.

  •  Committee work: Board members may be asked to serve on committees, such as Safety & Security, governance, or marketing committees. These committees meet separately from the full board and require additional time commitments.

  •  Preparation: Board members are expected to review materials in advance of board meetings and be prepared to discuss and make decisions on agenda items.

  •  Strategic planning: Board members may be involved in the development of the organization's strategic plan, which could involve a multi-day retreat or other ad-hoc planning sessions.


In terms of liabilities, the board has a legal and fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the organization and its stakeholders, including donors, employees, and the community it serves. If the board breaches this duty by engaging in illegal or unethical behavior, it can be held liable for any resulting harm or damage.  Each board member is to uphold the DBA Code of Conduct.


In addition, board members may be personally liable for certain actions, such as mismanaging funds, engaging in conflicts of interest, or violating employment or tax laws. To protect themselves and the organization, board members should make sure they understand their legal and ethical obligations and take steps to fulfill them, such as ensuring adequate insurance coverage, seeking legal counsel when necessary, and conducting regular reviews of the organization's financial and operational practices.


So - do you think that you can…

a) attend a monthly meeting &

b) commit to making a difference in downtown Mission? 

If so, we want you to apply for and join our board!  We are a thriving and growing democratic Downtown community and in order to see your ideas come to life, you will need to attend our upcoming AGM on July 3rd 2024 at 6pm at Copper Hall and make a case for your election to our board. At the AGM, our Board will then vote on who we think will be the right fit for our organization and once elected, we work together and look forward to your meaningful and constructive contributions.


Come join the team - you (and we) will be glad you did!

You can always apply to be a Director on our Board at any point during the year, and we will put your name on our waitlist until a vacancy comes available.

Download the Nomination Package below.

2024 DBA Board Nomination Package
Download PDF • 248KB

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