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Lloyd's Cleaners

When you really look at the art of dry cleaning, it is actually quite fascinating. In contrast to the usual usage of the word ‘dry’, dry cleaning actually uses fluids to remove stains and soils from fabrics. This process is known for its ability to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water cannot.

Bring it on oil, grease, mustard, red wine, blood and ink! Lloyd’s special solution to the rescue! Everyone in Mission knows Lloyd’s Dry Cleaning. This business has been a staple of the downtown core for over 70 years. It is definitely one of our longest running businesses. Parminder Gill bought the business in 2017 and suprisingly enough, is only the 4th owner thus far. She was getting ready to celebrate her third year in the Dry Cleaning business when COVID-19 hit. “Right now it is just myself and my daughter working,” Parminder admits. “We work hard for our community because we love to help people when we can.”

While a lot of the community has suffered the effects of the global pandemic, Parminder is confident that they can survive anything.

“We have made it this far as a downtown business,” she says. Parminder walked me through the details of their business and how they are so much more than just a dry cleaning service. Lloyd’s offers a professional seamstress, pick up & drop off services, as well as a $14.99 laundry wash, dry & fold.

In a busy world, it’s a real convenience to be able to drop off your dirty clothes and then pick them up clean and folded. Thanks for all the great service over the years!

Cheers to Lloyd’s Cleaners. I think we can all agree on one thing for certain… Lloyd’s Cleaners has the best retro sign in town!

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