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Luminesse Skin & Laser

Jasmine always knew that she wanted to be in the business of beauty. She started off her career doing hair and continued along that line of profession for 12+ years.

Once she felt like it was time to expand her horizons, she felt the allure of the medical aesthetics aspect of the industry, and decided to concentrate her talents on hair removal.

Jasmine has always prided herself on being a local Mission girl, but when she decided to commit herself fully to the decision of continuing her education, she was living in Osoyoos. She made the long commute to the Fraser Valley for her courses each and every week.

Once her schooling was complete and she had some aesthetic experience under her belt, it was time to move back home to her hometown and start her own business.

Jasmine scoured the streets of Mission, looking for that perfect location for 'Luminesse' to call home... and she found it downtown, in the Mission City Business Centre.

At first, the darkened old corner space scared her a bit. It was slightly neglected and had a very abandoned and unloved feel to it. It wasn't long before her dreams began to come true and her vision became attainable.

"My family and friends helped out so much," she recalls. "They made me see the area for all it had to offer... they made my vision come to light. I couldn't have done it without them."

Luminesse Skin & Laser opened recently and Jasmine has been growing her clientele ever since. She loves her location and is happy that her business is a part of the downtown. Dedicated to providing her clients with long-term satisfaction, Jasmine now finds herself in a difficult position of no longer being able to keep up with set schedules.

"It's hard to build a business and build clientele when you're closed," she tells us. "I have great clients and I know that we will all get through this together."

Although the present time for being in the beauty industry is not ideal, Jasmine is happy to be in the downtown and realizes how important it is now to keep everything local. She is currently thinking of new ways to promote herself once business is up and running once again. For now though, she is going to be starting gift certificates and can be contacted through her Website, Facebookor Instagram.

Jasmine thanks everyone for their patience and understanding.

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