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Sue's Copy Place

“Thank you for calling. I love you,” said Sue as was finishing off a conversation with a customer on the phone.

The staff stopped what they were doing and stared at her.

I love you?

Realizing what she had said, she immediately back tracked.

“I don’t love you… I like you. Thank you… Goodbye.”

Awkward silence. Sue hung up.

Rhett recalls that as one of his favourites moments working at the copy house.

“We were so busy. The phone was ringing off the hook,” he tells us. “My mom was on phone call after phone call all day… and it just came out.”

I love you.

But the truth is that we all do love each other. We have a strong community.

Sometimes we tend to separate businesses from neighbours, but we shouldn’t.

It is the businesses in town that are either owned or managed or staff by our very own neighbours.

Like Sue’s Copy Place.

“It’s important to speak to the business owners and learn about their lives,” Rhett says. “They’re the ones that live here and work here.”

Sue’s Copy Place is a proven, reliable print shop that has been in business in Mission for 25 years. They live and breath printing and the people of the community know it.

Both Sue and Rhett have accumulated long standing relationships with both suppliers and customers.

With the idea of his mom opening up her own shop in Mission, after high school, Rhett decided to train at the Art Institute of Vancouver in order to obtain the skills and education necessary to handle all things digital.

The community has come to rely on Sue’s Copy Place for help with personal printing, weddings, funerals, birthday, as well as business and non-profit marketing.

Known for their exceptional customer service and often their same day service, they not only offer a full line of print production, but they take the time to work with each customer to ensure satisfaction.

“Throughout our 25 years in business, we have seen all walks of life come through our doors,” Rhett explains. “Everyone has a story.”

In addition to this, they have been know to help out people in need. Sue has a soft spot for animals and supports many animal welfare facilities.

Dedicated to the community, they have been the recipient of many community awards and contributed their time and material to numerous non-profit organizations, such as Mission Hospice, Mission Community Services Society, Mission Auxiliary and St. Joseph’s Food Bank- to only just name a few.

It might surprise some people to discover that Rhett was the one who started MissionFest in 2010. He had a vision of a downtown community festival, and his vision paid off. The biggest festival in our town is set to celebrate its10th year.

Sue’s Copy Place stands by their statement of standing for integrity, efficiency and remarkable service, but we think that they also stand for compassion and community.

For 25 years, they have proven their worth in print.

And for 25 years, they have proven their worth in the community.

Sue's has just moved to a new location.

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