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The Post Office

Mission Post Office

Built: 1935

The first mail in Mission was received by the St. Mary's Mission.

Later, a post office was added to Plumridge's General Store.

In 1891, Mr. James Plumridge owned a general store on Railway Avenue. This general store also had a post office and a bakery.

In 1912, he built another store above the first (see photo), facing on to Main Street with apartments above.

In 1927, the store burned down, leaving only the one on Main Street.

In 1935, a dedicated post office was built.

This Post Office is an art-deco style brick building that cost $13,000 to build. In 1955, the Post Office was renovated at an estimated cost of $91,641.

Expansions were made at the rear and west sides, but the original facing brick proved unavailable at the time. The builder's solution was to take bricks from then rear of the building and use those to contract the new front. This game the building a consistent brick facing.

In 1982, the entrance was restructured to allow wheelchair access.

The Mission City Post Office, located at 33191 First Avenue, occupies a prominent corner near the entrance to downtown Mission. It was the first dedicated post office to serve the growing needs of both the city and district of Mission. Although modest in stature, the Post Office is a landmark building in Mission due to its striking architecture and important role in the community.

Thank you to the Mission Community Archives for keeping the community informed about our history.

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