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Downtown Dollars

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This Program incentivizes people to shop Downtown

The DBA sells and/or donates these gift certificates to the greater community as a way to keep our dollars local. Anyone can purchase Downtown Dollars from our office and distribute them as a gift or as a way of supporting our community.


This program is designed to bring shoppers to our Downtown community. Gift certificates can be accepted at any Downtown Business, however should your business not want to participate in the program, you can call our DBA office and put yourself on an exemption list. This program collectively supports retail and restaurant businesses the most.

How Does it Work?

Once a customer pays using a Downtown Dollar certificate, the business would discount the customer the value of the certificate and put aside the certificate for reimbursement from the DBA later. The gift certificate is treated like cash however no change is given, the certificate must be used on an equal or greater amount.

Verifying Fraud

We have six verification methods for every gift certificate explained below in case you have any concerns about fraud. Contact the DBA should you have any concerns about fraud. 


What Does Staff Do?

The business owner or staff will then discount the customer the value of the certificate and then call the DBA office after the transaction. The DBA will visit the business to reimburse their till for the value of the gift certificate.

Purchase Downtown Dollars

Downtown Dollars make great client gifts, giveaways and donations!We accept debit, credit, cheque or cash when purchasing Downtown Dollars.
Call or email our office to purchase. 



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