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The Record - Brewery, lounge proposed for downtown Mission

Downtown Mission is another step closer to getting a brewery business. On Monday night, council voted unanimously to support a liquor licence application from Kylan St. Jean for a proposed lounge at 33192 First Ave. Council’s endorsement will now be forwarded to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) for final approval.

Another application, for a manufacturing licence for a proposed brewery at the same location, needs to be approved by LCRB and does not require local government input.

If the brewery and lounge becomes a reality, it would be located on the corner of Welton Street and First Avenue, the site of the old Home Hardware store.

Before council voted to support the application, the public had the opportunity to voice their opinions, positive or negative, on the proposal. While there were several people in attendance, no one spoke. Mission Mayor Pam Alexis said she wasn’t surprised by the public reaction.

“I looked at some of the Facebook commentary and there was such positive feedback … no negative comments, not a one.”

She said this kind of business should bring even more life to the downtown, especially in the evening.

“I thought this is the kind of business that will really bring different people and new people and new businesses downtown.”

Alexis noted that several other businesses – such as Studio FITRx and The Penny – have already had an impact.

“There are a ton of different things happening, magnifying the night life aspect of downtown.”

She also said it was a positive to see the old Home Hardware building finally being used.

“We (council) are very excited and we see this as an impetus for other things.”

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