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The Record - New public art piece for downtown Mission

Vancouver artist Imu Chan will create a new piece of public art for Mission’s downtown core.

On Tuesday night, council supported a staff recommendation to approve the First Avenue Public Art proposal as recommended by the Cultural Resources Commission.

The price of the proposed project is $50,300 and is within the existing operating budget for public art.

Chan told council that his piece, called Tartan, is a “three-dimensional interpretation of the District of Mission tartan” and has a “theme that reflects the identity and history of Mission, with a physical manifestation that is also contemporary and playful.”

The artwork comprises a cube made of coloured Plexiglas with a colour palette and pattern inspired by the district’s tartan. The cube will be suspended from a steel pole above the sidewalk mid-block on First Avenue, between Welton and Horne Streets.

Chan said his piece “offers different visual experiences at different times of day and distances.”

Council asked several questions, including maintenance, cleaning, wind damage and whether lights will be integrated into the piece. Chan said lights will be mounted on the post but will not be integrated into the sculpture. As for maintenance, there should not be any needed, other than cleaning it once in a while.

“With any type of artwork, it requires some care and delicacy in handling.”

The piece should be ready to be installed sometime this summer.

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