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The Record - Transition year for Mission Downtown Business Association

The Mission Downtown Business Association held its annual general meeting last week and elected several new board members.

The board now consists of:

• Carlo Billinger - Rex Cox

• Jonathan Fowler - Jonathan Fowler Law Inc.

• Sean Barry - Candy Shack

• Steve Yap- Belles Sports

• Allan Hergesheimer - Happy Homesteader

• Mady Pechler - Trendy or What Knot

• Bethan Lane - English Tarts

• Satti Grewal - Swing Optical

• Manny Deol - Manny Deol / Royal LePage

• Kelly Kristy - Flow

• Bob Mackovic - The Gold Bin

• Denise Fowle - Inspire me Fitness

During the AGM, association president Carlo Billinger told the crowd it had been an “interesting year” with the revitalization taking place and other changes.

“It was a transition year,” he said, noting that Jamie Hayes left her position as executive director and was replaced by Joanna McBride.

“Joanna has been fantastic. The transition with her has been really good. She has lots of new and fresh ideas,” Billinger said.

He said many downtown buildings have changed hands and, although some stores have left, new ones have replaced them and more are coming.

However, the revitalization project was the biggest event of last year.

“Revitalization is done. We have a few bugs but basically it looks fantastic.”

Billinger said people in Mission love what has happened.

“We’ve got people coming downtown who have lived here four or five years that feel safe, they feel comfortable, they are going in stores. To the skeptics out there, it was a tough thing, but it’s a good thing.”

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